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Sales Design & Structure, A.I.D.A. A.I.D.A. The Time Tested Selling Principles Tested Selling Principles  
   Ok, we have gained your attention . . .
   That is the first step in the A.I.D.A. Principles of Advertising.
   Hopefully we can share some concepts in thinking and planning out a solution
   that will work for your presence and success on the internet.
   What we are discussing here is not being taught in business school or colleges.
   The basics of A.I.D.A. are as follows:
The Four Steps in the A.I.D.A. Sales Formula
   A. Get the Buyer's “Attention”.
   I. Stimulate “Interest” in the Product.
   D. Arouse “Desire” for the Product.
   A. A direct call for “Action” that results in Sales of Products equaling Profits.
   This process of guiding the visitor will definately produce sales. Has been proven in every field of advertising and sales. With proper layout and planning this can be implemented into a website, even subliminally: e.g. --(1. Below the threshold of conscious perception. Used of stimuli.) --(2. Inadequate to produce conscious awareness but able to evoke a response.)
Commerce Your Visitor's Emotions Planned Layout Development  
   Also, how you are affecting the psyche and mind's eye of your visitors? We are in a fast paced commerce on today’s internet and there are plenty of offerings out there. If you do not create visitor focus - all is lost. So my best design / operational advice is K.I.S. (Keep It Simple)
   Color can aggravate or calm a visitor. You have to decide which you are trying to accomplish. For example, hot colors and flashy design do not suit the atmosphere of a site selling health products.
   The use of FLASH Multi-Media and other such techniques will not impress your visitors who are looking for information or products to buy in a positive manner whatsoever. Neither will music embedded into the pages. Many find it annoying while trying to read, study or shop.
Success Success Strategy Strategy  
   On the technical side of the coin there are some things that Search Engines do not like. These should be fully avoided or have an effective workaround in a site design that you wish to promote. Or you will be reprogramming your code to get Ranked properly in their Index Databases. These are things to consider during all stages of planning and design of any site.
   Here are the Don't Do's: (Clickable Links w/Courtesy Returns)
   Do not allow your Webmaster / Webdesigner tell you these things don't matter. They matter if you want to succeed.
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