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 Planned Layout Development
   At One-Serve we take Site Design very seriously. If you are not interested in


 and honest effort for good results -- we are not likely to be interested in your project.
We believe in the One, Two - If we make you a success, we become one too.
   Site Design takes a lot of careful forethought and


. Visitors must feel comfortable and never confused understanding the


. Visual continuity is very important to being remembered.
   If you do not capture the visitor’s attention in just a few seconds they will most likely leave your site and go searching elsewhere. This was researched by both IBM and Xerox corporations years ago to the amount of one million dollars each! They both arrived at the same conclusions, On a business card the client looks at it for three to five seconds. If they do not comprehend your message in that amount of time your design is not effective enough. They then put it away for future reference, or they mentally discard it completely. And if they hand the card back to you, your in real trouble.
   This same research also discovered that the best response was aquired by the use of Black Text on a White Card Stock. This brought back the most results for the advertising dollar spent. If color was used, it was sparingly in the top left corner as a small logo. This still returned good results. Full color cards or too much information in the small space afforded on a business card brought back the poorest results.
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