Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization, Search Engine Promotion, Meta Tags, Search Engine Robot Spiders
Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization

 Site Promotion more information
   Here are some general guidelines for listing your web site with search engines and some specific guidelines for particular search engines. Build it and they will come; simply does not happen. Website Optimization and Search Engine Promotion must be part of your ongoing and overall success planning.
Meta Tags 

Meta Tags

 Search Engine Robot Spiders
  more information
   A nice little online tool to help you create the Meta Tags for your pages to help get them ready for the Search Engine Robot Spiders.
Internet Color Chart Internet Safe

Color Chart

 Color Chart, Color Names, Hexadecimal Values, RGB Codes
  more information
   This chart contains all the

color names

hexadecimal values


RGB codes

 for the 216 original colors considered to be “Internet Safe”.
Designer’s Color Chart 

Designer’s Color Chart

 - Pastels And

Grayscale Schemes

 Grayscale Chart
 Pastels And Designer Color Schemes more information
   This color chart contains a more varied pallet of colors geared more to the pastels and designer type color schemes. Full grayscale chart included. Most newer browsers handle these colors fine.
Local, Remote Server Directories Understanding


 C: vs

Remote Server

 WS FTP Client on a Remote Web Server
 Webserver Backups more information
   These instructions should help to understand the relationship between the C:\ local drive directories on your PC in relation to the Web Server Host “WWW” space on the server when uploading using WS FTP Client on a Remote Web Server. A well maintained Server Hosting should include an exact “MIRROR” of information from the webserver on your PC's Hard Drive, a complete backup. Never know when a hosting server may have maintenance problems, Back Ups are your responsibility!
CGI, Perl Basics 




 Dynamic Pages
 Configurations, File Permissioning more information
   Writing Dynamic Pages with CGI / Perl is not that difficult if you learn the basic guidelines of proper configurations and file permissioning. First step is to determine if your server hosting allows you to install CGI Scripts. Never get in a hurry; follow the "readme" step by step and you can't go wrong.
Perl Scripts 




 Changing File Permissions
 more information
   This page explains how to set file permissions for the three most common type of web files: Pages, Scripts and Data and or Configuration files. If you're new to Perl Scripts, or getting the most dreaded "500 - Internal Server Error" when you try to run a script you've downloaded, start here.




 Dynamic Pages
 Perl, Configurations, File Permissioning more information
   A Perl script is really just a common text file written in the Perl language, and saved with a .cgi extension (or .pl extension for some scripts). CGI scripts are server side scripts, which means the scripts are executed on the server with only the output of the script shown in the browser. This is the opposite of JavaScript, which is a script contained within an HTML page and executed client side, by the viewer’s computer.


 Linux Commands
 more information
   This is a quick reference guide, mostly made of standard Unix commands. (POSIX utilities, every Unix / Linux distribution has these.) * Keep in mind that different Unix flavors have different packages, and may vary in some commands and packages, these commands outline the ones most commonly used.
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